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Half the story or the whole story?

There I was, stood in the queue, waiting to go into Curry’s PC World trying not to listen too closely at an animated conversation two colleagues were having. All very good natured and suddenly one of them said “Now I understand! You only told me half the story.” I’m not sure what they were talking about, but it struck a chord.

It was a timely reminder that we need to tell the whole story, paint the full picture. Not just our edited highlights.

Because just how often do we have misunderstandings and crossed wires because we haven’t explained ourselves fully enough. How many opportunities have been missed, because people don’t understand what you do?

You only told me half the story

Perspective and a clear head

The thing is, it can be really hard to see the wood for the trees, when you’re running your own business. Sometimes what you need is a bit of perspective. You might think you’re being crystal clear in your messaging, but what clients read and hear might be different.

And I know this from my own experience, because even as a copywriter & with decades of communication experience, I find it really hard writing my own content. I often find I have too many words, rather than enough. I end up tinkering round, sometimes to the point where I’ve lost the original core message. Luckily, I can spot this and will row back to my original notes and get back on track.

Notepad and pens

Quick and easy content checker

But I wonder if these three headings could help give you a quick sense check. Educate, Connect & Sell. Yes, the S word so many of us feel uncomfortable saying out loud.

Educate: build brand awareness, be visible and share who you are and your ethos

Connect: Engage with people. Start the conversation, get involved. Talk to your clients and get to know them better.

Sell: your products & services. Be crystal clear – what do you do? Have you got any offers running? What do you charge? What’s the commitment?

Three content buckets: Educate, Connect & Sell

Are your messages clear enough?

Using these headings, spend some time going back through your most recent content (not just social media) and add up how many fall under each heading. Ask yourself:

  • Are there any surprises?
  • How does that tally with your current business priorities?
  • Does the balance need to shift?

This isn’t scientific, it’s more of a quick and easy temperature test. It might throw up some surprises though and help you see where the content gaps are. Then you can revisit your content strategy and tweak things so that you are covering all bases.

Communication guidance 

And I’m always here to give you that perspective if you don’t have the time or headspace. I can help you review your content and write the messages you need to tell your story.

I’m currently pulling together a range of prices / packages to make it easier for people to see how I can help their business and work with me. Because sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know!

I hope you’ve had a great week!