Image is of a group of coloured pencils
Close up of a typewriter and ribbon with the types words to blog...or not to blog
Six person choir singing and dancing, all wearing light purple coloured, loose clothes, arms in the air against a pale, white background. Shafts of light in the background. A joyful vibe.Pexels
Three young women in their twenties leaning against a white wall in a large kitchen. They're wearing the same pale green apron, looking at each other smiling and laughing

Empaths Unite

A woman's hand with bright yellow nail varnish holding a blank index card against a blurry white and blue background
Two women barely seen, sat at a table with a piece of paper, pen and pair of glasses between them. Looks like they're in conversation.
birds eye view of a woman with blonde hair, head in her hands sat at a desk covered with notebooks, a laptop, phone
Questions and Answers written in large black lettering on a yellow sign.
Close up of a vintage typewriter and ribbon with the type written words write, edit, rewrite

What do I write?

Short, sea green coloured sharpened pencil on a blank sheet of paper